Home Building & Sarasota’s downtown

Sarasota’s downtown offers the area a variety of cultures, activities, galleries, eateries, saloons and history. With a mix of residential and commercial buildings- coexisting- it is Sarasota’s downtown district that exudes uniqueness. As home builders we compare decades of building architecture, materials, accents and cultures. One thing that is constant with downtown architecture is there are no constants. Spanish architecture mixed with colonial styles next to stucco buildings that border log cabin’s. The variety of construction provided in this art town is a catalyst for unique designs and cultures.

We welcome the diversity of the area and hope to leave our mark with a unique building that can follow a pattern of historical landmark’s.

We are very excited to have moved our office into the Historic Herald Square building at Pineapple and Orange Ave. and welcome anyone to stop in and have a cup of coffee and a look around.