Striving to provide outstanding products & service

We are taking steps to further improve and provide a better overall experience for customers, leaving them knowing they chose the right company to complete there custom home project. By offering the latest building trends, styles and designs, we know we can provide our customers with their exact vision. We will work closely with you to help accommodate your design and offer insight on top products to help craft your project.

Not only do we want our customers to be satisfied with the aesthetics of their project but we want our customers to know it was done correctly. We work jointly with our engineer to ensure that the project will satisfy all current building codes. We want the materials and all building requirements to be transparent with our customers giving them the freedom to follow the building process resulting in ‘piece of mind’.

But none of these things matter if we aren’t able to craft your exact visions. If one of our existing floor plans doesn’t satisfy your needs we offer comprehensive custom home design. A process that allows you to sit one on one with our builder and design your project on a 60″ tv monitor, perfectly design every detail of your project. This gives customers the freedom to explore different ideas and see the results immediately. It is beneficial because it saves time and gives customers unlimited design potential, something that few building teams can offer.

So we invite you to see how we have been servicing our customers at O’Connor Building and show you all the exiting things we have to offer!


Remodel & Renovating Vs New Custom Construction

Why remodel? Why build new?

Building a new home with O’Connor Building gives you the ability to customize your home and include the exact details you desire. This ability allows our customers to attain there dream home. Kevin will sit with you and personally design your home. Our service allows you to design a floor plan alongside us and ensures you will be a satisfied customer. We offer a competitive price and top of the line craftsmanship. We never compromise our service or quality.

If you love your home or are stuck in your current house; remodeling is a way to build the value of your home. Remodeling, renovating or an addition is a great way to get thousands of dollars of added value. Whether it is a small renovation or a second story addition your costs will not outweigh the market value added to the home. We personally meet with you at your home and discuss your ideas. We offer expert advice but still allow you the freedom to make the choices on your own. We can offer services for every kind of style; contemporary, eclectic, colonial. Kevin has the ability to draw your plans alongside of you and design a house that matches your idea’s and personality.