Lakewood Ranch Office Progress

We are almost finished with our new office in Lakewood Ranch. We tried to bring together a lot of natural elements such as wood and whitewash brick with the space to give a calm and subtle feeling. Very mild earth and mineral tones will round out the paint colors, wallpaper, lounge chairs and bar-stools. While the eclectic shelf items and knickknacks will bring life and color to our space. We have sample cabinets for our customers to touch and feel as well as other products like tile, wood floor, base, trim, moldings, granite samples and lighting to give our customers a better feel for the products we offer.

We are really excited here at O’Connor Building to share our new space with current and future customers. We have a grand opening party planned in the future so please keep in touch with us! See you guys soon!!

Commercial Project

Our commercial gym project in Lakewood Ranch is coming together. Shooting for a June 1st opening. The inside is being painted, the trim carpenters have installed the doors and are putting in base and casing. The exterior metal and brick have been installed and the sidewalks are being poured. Won’t be too long and the whole parking area will have brickpavers.

Remodel & Renovating Vs New Custom Construction

Why remodel? Why build new?

Building a new home with O’Connor Building gives you the ability to customize your home and include the exact details you desire. This ability allows our customers to attain there dream home. Kevin will sit with you and personally design your home. Our service allows you to design a floor plan alongside us and ensures you will be a satisfied customer. We offer a competitive price and top of the line craftsmanship. We never compromise our service or quality.

If you love your home or are stuck in your current house; remodeling is a way to build the value of your home. Remodeling, renovating or an addition is a great way to get thousands of dollars of added value. Whether it is a small renovation or a second story addition your costs will not outweigh the market value added to the home. We personally meet with you at your home and discuss your ideas. We offer expert advice but still allow you the freedom to make the choices on your own. We can offer services for every kind of style; contemporary, eclectic, colonial. Kevin has the ability to draw your plans alongside of you and design a house that matches your idea’s and personality.

Remodeling, Renovating, Additions, Custom Homes, Commercial Construction

You name it! We’ve done it!

If you’re in the market for making some changes to your home, we encourage you to give us an opportunity. We have been satisfying customers in the Sarasota area since 1983. We offer unparalleled customer service and our owner listens to our customers visions. Owner, Kevin O’Connor, is an expert and allows us to deliver a high quality product on budget ALWAYS and on time.

Please take the time to shoot us an email or drop us a line:



Sarasota’s Wonderful Wallenda

Come downtown and watch Nik Wallenda walk across 41 without a safety harness!

Here is another link:

Once you watch him walk across 41 stop by O’Connor Building! We are at 536 S Orange Ave.
Just across the street from Womens Exchange!

Lakewood Ranch Commercial Project

Our commercial building is moving along efficiently. The framers are progressing with the roof and interior walls. The steel beams have been hoisted into place and are a great accent for the front elevation of the building. Here are some photos:

Keep up with the blog for more information on this and other O’Connor Building construction projects.

Home Markets Improving

Investors and home buyers are using the area’s sub par home prices as opportunities to access the usually costly market. As Sarasota continues to become a leader in vacation destinations, boasting the number one beach in the U.S., it has become a popular place for vacationers. Investors see this area as opportunity especially with the current discounted prices. This investment leads to renovation and remodels and with improved area conditions we see an increase in tourism. This investing leads to a trickle down effect and a boost in local economic conditions. We see improvements in real estate and this is helping to increase economic environments across the state.

How one small trendy renovation can change the desired feel of your home.

Give your guest bathroom a makeover that will make the rest of your home more vibrant.


A free standing vanity and trending light fixtures are simple and relatively inexpensive. You can also use a new tank-less toilet and some textured wall tile. We like a trendy European vanity with sink basin and some dark or stained reclaimed wood with angled lighting giving different perspectives in the bathroom. A tile pattern set into the floor or the use of LED lighting, glass and pebbles in a vanity give the bathroom a trendy style and can set the mood for your house guests.

Check out our Pinterest page for some cool ideas.

We also like some ideas from the DIY page from Bath Crashers.

Home Building & Sarasota’s downtown

Sarasota’s downtown offers the area a variety of cultures, activities, galleries, eateries, saloons and history. With a mix of residential and commercial buildings- coexisting- it is Sarasota’s downtown district that exudes uniqueness. As home builders we compare decades of building architecture, materials, accents and cultures. One thing that is constant with downtown architecture is there are no constants. Spanish architecture mixed with colonial styles next to stucco buildings that border log cabin’s. The variety of construction provided in this art town is a catalyst for unique designs and cultures.

We welcome the diversity of the area and hope to leave our mark with a unique building that can follow a pattern of historical landmark’s.

We are very excited to have moved our office into the Historic Herald Square building at Pineapple and Orange Ave. and welcome anyone to stop in and have a cup of coffee and a look around.